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Hmm....how did I get into blogging? 


I've seen and heard so many things lately that just make me want to start a dialogue but I don't want to clog up my Facebook with paragraphs of back and forth mischief so I decided why not take the conversation to a platform it was actually meant for...the "blogosphere"!


I recently started a hair blog: aheadofmyhair.blogspot.com which you can visit at your leisure where I answer the many questions and address the varied comments I've gotten about my hair. BUT I can't just post random things about what's going on in this crazy world of ours on there so I decided to go on and introduce the blogging platform to my website: RAHKUA.COM


SO, hopefully you'll find some of what I talk about useful or funny or interesting or provocative or whatever and decide that you want to talk back to me....


Sincerely yours,


The Cynic/The Optimist

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