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The CANDY CRUSH Addiction

BY the end of 2013, more than half a billion people had installed Candy Crush Saga, and the addictive game app was generating just a little less than $1 million per day, according to its developer, King. Candy Crush Saga was the most downloaded app of the year in 2013, according to Apple.

— International Business Times, Feb. 10

Happy Ash Wednesday readers :) Today, March 5, 2014 is officially the first day of Lent and will continue until the day before Good Friday: April 17, 2014. Lent is a time of prayer, penance, almsgiving, atonement, and fasting…a generally cleansing preparation of the body for Easter. It lasts a little over 40 days in commemoration of the time Jesus spent fasting in the desert. 


What does any of this have to do with Candy Crush!? Well, this year I am giving up the addictive game for the duration of Lent and it shall be monumentally difficult! Over the years I have denied myself during this time of various personal "addictions" like ice-cream, pizza, nail polish, high heels…even Beyonce. So this year I continue my legacy of difficult feats by giving up a game that I literally play every single day multiple times a day: Candy Crush.


I came across this really funny, thought-provoking article that calls into the question Candy Crush addicts and our thought processes: 




It's humor is by no means outweighed by its truth.


I’ve been on this level for two weeks. How long am I going to persist with this?

I've often asked myself this question. I'll be stuck on a level for so long that I begin to get frustrated and consider quitting the stupid game altogether and questioning my sanity for getting so frustrated with these little "candy" combinations in the first place. And just when I've made up my mind, a beautiful thing happens. All the candies start to align; I get like three disco ball candy - striped candy combinations and BAM, just like that I'm on to the next level and my desire to move on has been satiated…until once again I am stuck. (I've been stuck on level 350 for quite some time now)


What if how you play Candy Crush is how you play life? Is it a test of my character?

This question was particularly funny to me. I don't think I've gone quite that far in comparing this game to real life, but I'm sure that it can build up a level of neurosis that takes you there. I often find myself wondering if the creators know exactly what combinations to make available each time you play to make you lose just enough to stay hooked on the challenge but win just enough not to kill your spirit and zest for the game.


Am I really getting one over on the system by not buying the boosters?

 I NEVER buy boosters. It's my way of feeling like I haven't completely given myself over to the idiocy of addiction to this game. The moment you spend money to feed the machine it becomes real. Lol. I'm not ready to take that leap.


If the yellow thing is a lemon drop and the red thing is a jelly bean, what is the purple thing? What am I even talking about?

Hhaha, another one of the hilarious questions from the article that still lives in truth. I've found myself describing the game to a few friends who hadn't heard of it or wanted to get a clearer idea of why I am so hooked, and as I get deeper into the descriptions the ridiculousness of it all screeches louder and louder. When I ask my friends, "Can you download the app so you can give me a ticket on the airplane/boat/train to cross over to the next world to help the next candy lady get the candy creature back in their kingdom….you don't actually have to play the game just download the app so you can send me tickets"….I realize what is coming out of my mouth…but I just keep going because I really want that ticket!


So, yes, this year I am giving up Candy Crush for Lent….better believe I played all the way up until 11:59! SMH


What are some things you are or have given up for Lent?


Are you addicted to Candy Crush too?

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