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I was a part of the street team for a candidate in the race for a Congressional seat a couple of months ago. Unfortunately the candidate did not end up winning. Although some of the policies the candidate stands for don't align with my beliefs, it's weird to feel like I wasted those hours of door knockin' for them not to even win….at least I got some good exercise out of it right?


So anyway, I got to thinking…what happens to all that money political candidates raise when they lose the race!? ME? I feel weird about losing out on all those walking hours; how do the financial supporters feel about losing out on all those dollars? And more importantly where do those dollars go now??


Moderately curious, I put the question to Facebook for hopefully one of my 4,086 "friends" to comment on:


When political candidates lose the race, where does the residual money go to? They just get to keep it like an indiegogo campaign Or they gotta return it like a Kickstarter campaign since they didn't reach the goal? Lol I wanna know



One commenter gave this article as a point of reference:


Politicians Have Numerous Options for Unused Campaign Cash After Leaving Elected Office

So it basically just stipulates that the money "can't be converted to personal use" but the law is overarching and there are apparently loopholes (of which I'm sure ppl take advantage) BUT it is suggested that it be used for charity donations, other candidates that the individual endorses, put on reserve for future election possibilities for the original candidate etc….there is SO much money and so LITTLE explanation on what actually happens to it….


It's disheartening to think that there are millions, possibly billions of dollars out there that are SPECIFICALLY suggested towards causes that could make a difference in this world…that could improve the value of living for many less fortunate/underp-priveledged individuals….being mishandled and misappropriated to greed funds of the people who claimed to have been fighting to get in office to make a difference in the first place…..OR even worse…just sitting in a reserve somewhere doing NOTHING.


Just something to think about for the day...




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