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My Perfect Husband

So, people always ask me, "what's your type". I never have a straight up answer for them because truthfully the answer isn't so cut and dry...I don't have a type per se, (meaning I don't have a preference for instance of short vs. tall; dark vs. light; skinny vs. thicker; introverted vs. extroverted; leo vs. sagittarius etc.) BUT I do in general know what I like and what I don't I guess... 


SO what I have decided to do is put together a "little" list that compiles what my ideal mate would be. I left out obvious things like "doesn't beat me" or "doens't have a porn fetish" or "isn't a murderer" or "likes women" for streamlining purposes...but hopefully those things are inferred/intuited.

I suspect that no person in the world will be EXACTLY what we want our ideal mate to be but if I can get close that'd be just peachy. The "mandatory" things have an asterisk* next to them lol...



*  Here goes...My ideal husband:


  1. Is a Christian*
  2. Wants to father children (with me…)* and does not already have children (with someone else)
  3. Does not own or want to own dog(s)* (or any other pets/animals)
  4. Believes in gender equality (to a reasonable extent) BEWARE OF DOUBLE STANDARDS!
  5. Enjoys cooking and cleaning (or at least doesn't mind taking an equal share in the execution of both)
  6. Is intelligent/academically inclined
  7. Has never cheated on a serious, exclusive girlfriend
  8. Hasn't been married
  9. Likes Beyonce* 
  10. Is health conscious
  11. Makes me (and what I want how I want them) a priority
  12. Is a "texter"
  13. Has no issues with my profession's requirements
  14. Is well groomed
  15. Has nice parents/siblings/family (that get along well with me)
  16. Gets along well with my parents/siblings
  17. Is a gentleman (i.e. opens my door; says yes/no ma'am/sir to elders; relinquishes seat to women/elders/handicapped; offers coat when it's cold; etc.)
  18. Is my friend
  19. Uses the "B-word" and "N-word" (and curses in general) very sparsely or not at all
  20. Is not a profuse alcohol or drug user*


*  Preferences that aren't necessarily deal breakers....would be great if he:


  1. Is from the South
  2. Likes the occassional meditation session
  3. Loves to read
  4. Has never cheated on anyone he professed to be dating
  5. Has a good singing voice
  6. Likes Beyonce's music
  7. Plays an instrument
  8. Is good at math
  9. Has good credit
  10. Has a 6-pack (abs)
  11. Is no older than 2 years my senior and no younger than 1 year my junior
  12. Is good with computers
  13. Is a vegetarian/pescetarian (or at least won't care if meats aren't included in meals I prepare and expects our children to be raised meat-free)
  14. Has good fashion sense
  15. Likes to travel
  16. Can swim
  17. Doesn't mind driving (in lieu of me)
  18. Great sense of humor
  19. Gives me his passwords
  20. Likes giving good surprises (gifts, trips, massages, outings etc.)


I'm sure there are other things that come to mind, but I decided to put a cap of 20 on each list so as not to seem to overwhelming and demanding lol. 

But, it has been asked, so I have answered....THIS is what I look for in a guy!



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