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Lookin' A** N****…Nicki's gone crazy….or maybe it's just You.

So Nicki Minaj recently released a new song, "Lookin A** N****" and it seems to have sent everyone into a cockroach frenzy…her raunchy and combative lyrics coupled with a questionably distasteful cover-art picturing Malcolm X with an Uzi have raised eyebrows and outrage…and I'm just sitting on the sidelines like: THIS SONG IS JAMMIN'.


While I will admit, the superfluous usage of the word nigga in hip-hop and popular culture in general has become increasingly annoying to me. I feel like it has left the realm of "black empowerment"/"subversive usurpation" and continues to move into the realm of self-deprecation and racist desensitization, blurring the line for non-blacks who are steadily growing accustomed to the idea that it's "OK" to use this "transformed" version of the original hatred-charged racial slur. It's not.


But at the CORE of the message, Nicki is really spitting a lot of truth, bravery, and leadership in a provocative and dialogue-generating manner. 

This is my response to a recent criticism of the song/Nicki that I saw posted on FB:

"hmmm….i see you're not a fan of this song that i've played on repeat not only for the realness and rawness of the lyrics but also for the hypnotic electricity of the beat….

let's address a few things: Nicki is not making a comparison of being able to smoke without the choke to high-class men. Rather she is pulling focus to the guys who are trying to look cool with the pull and ain't actually bout that life. She actually comments in an article about how that wasn't even supposed to be the first line in the song but there was a specific person in the studio who was doing exactly that: frontin with his weed but choking on it every second and destroying her vibe in the booth trying to record.

And that's what she basically continues throughout the song: calling out all these lying "n-words" who're parading a hypocritical masquerade of bravado. "bunch of non-mogul a$$ n***s, frontin like they got a plan, boost mobile a$$ n***s" - the focus should not be on her play on words with the use of boost mobile's no-contract system. the focus here is on guys who are pretending like they have their $hit together, like they are working on a master plan when in fact they are lying and able to just LOOK like they got goals mapped out (much like a person with a boost could look like they got a phone plan. entendre) "stop lyin on your dick LAN" is not meant as a diss to less endowed men but as a wakeup call to men who want to appear to be something they not, to have something they dont. also, it's more than just about penis size but about guys who lie about the sexual conquests they've had. "lying on your dick" is lying about where its been…a possible shot at Gucci Mane who claimed on twitter like a month ago to have "had" her.

"stop looking at my ass ass n***s" - while her derriere is a big "asset" (haha) her talent/musical prowess/lyrical boldness can't be ignored, denied, or written off just because she happens to have a manufactured image as a gimmick through which the talent is delivered.

And finally, Malcolm X through all his amazing social activism, DID in fact preach a separatist point of view for much of his political life (both between whites & blacks, and between radicals & non-violent protesters) and held a militant stance in the protection of these beliefs. Nicki is in turn relating his analogous militance to her feminist anthem . She is pulling out her uzi to shoot down the oppressive regime of misogynist hierarchy found in the music industry she has broken through and putting "looking a$$ n***s on metaphorical and literal blast for the lies they use to continue their attempts at establishing this patriarchal dominance…..well, i say GO NICKI. #doitforthevine"

That basically sums up most of what I have to say on the subject but I wanted to extend the dialogue after reading a great point made: 

"Question: Why would nikki minaj make a song about killing nigga's (her definition of a nigga is obviously negative) and ultimately creating divide in the black community in Black History Month - a month designed for black glory and solidarity and the same month that Malcolm X was killed in 1965? Wouldn't it make more sense that at this time of the year, which in its ideal form, helps to fight oppressive domination of races (similar to Woman's month in March) that she would make a song about the recent deaths of Rekia Boyd or I don't know - Jordan Davis? He died, doing what many white Americans consider to be nigga activity. Instead, she makes a song about her selfish desire to control and people blindly accept that as feminism. Though I appreciate her for opening up the doors to speak on the core of this issue, which is egotism, she does not directly improve a movement that is designed to bring unity between the sexes."

That is a GREAT question. Why the heck would she do something so….perceivably reckless? Because much like sex, controversy sells. This is definitely where the valiant angles of her brave stance are negatively colored by the self-serving/capitalist/exploitative means in which she carried it out….But while it is true that there are many other dire issues in our community that need be addressed, the dialogic banter this song has generated can't be discounted. 


It is also very obvious by certain response records out there that this issue of chauvinistic bravado both in the industry and in our society (much of the world) in general needed to be addressed in such a straight-forward and confrontational manner….obvious by the many "Lookin Ass Bitches" records have now surfaced (most notably from Trey Songz and Cassidy).


Do you think these appallingly disrespectful "responses" are warranted? Or is it just further opportunity for the men in the music industry to continue what they've been doing since the beginning of time: degrading/debasing/dehumanizing women.


Is what Nicki did any different from the legacy of disrespect and diminution already displayed by male entertainers?

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