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Cat Calling…..We DON'T Like It!

"Hey babygirl, how's your day"

"You are so beautiful"

"I'm not hitting on you, but I just wanted to let you know you look beautiful"

"Oooh, you riding that bike"

"How many miles you get on that thing?"

"Can I ride on the handle bars"

"Damn you look good on that bike"

"I bet you stay fit on that…I can tell"

"Phhewewwwtpheeewwwww (whistle sound)"

"Aye girl, aye!"

"Where you going, can I come with you?"

"Goodmorning beautiful"

"Hey beautiful"

"Smile, it'll make your day better"

"Let me talk to you for a second"

"Can we be friends? Like I don't want to hit on you, I just want to talk"

"If I bring you the moon and the stars will you just go on one date with me?"

"Can I have a hug?"

"Excuse me..."


"I bet I could put a smile on yo face, with ya fine ass"

"Damn girl!"

"I don't want to bother you but..." STOP RIGHT THERE....If you do't want to bother me just stop talking, turn around, and walk away!


The above quotes are just a couple of the sentences I hear on a DAILY basis when I leave my house. As you can probably tell, it starts to annoy me. 


Recently, a "catcalling" video went viral where a woman followed by a hidden camera documented her day capturing the constant barrage of guys delivering many of those same above lines. The video got mixed reactions. Most women could sympathize with it because we experience it ourselves and it's so commonplace that it's almost surprising (albeit relieving) when a period of 30min goes by without the barrage. 

--- Watch the video here:


At the same time, there were of course a whole host of guys who just didn't get it. They are no doubt some of the participants in what they call as "compliment giving". Here's a youtube clip with a "battle of the sexes" where the guy is obviously in stuck in an antiquated and misogynist mindset….one that assures him women should be grateful for these "compliments":


This rant (so to speak) may seem like it's coming out of the blue since the story is pretty "old" now (in terms of media exposure), but while the story is "old", the behavior is not. Today was no different. From the minute I leave my door step to the minute I return, my personal space is invaded by these "compliment givers" who give themselves permission to invite themselves into my life at any given moment. In addition to the normal "innocent" (yet annoying) comments I get, I was "propositioned" several times today and just wanted a moment to vent. 


How many women out there feel where I'm coming from?

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